Core Values

At JW Baseball, we strive to be Chicago's best role models and baseball/softball resources to our athletes and families. JW Baseball is focused on upholding our core values in everything we do.

Our core values state we will always strive to:

· Provide excellence

· Assure safety

· Focus on understanding and establishing proper fundamentals

· Teach how to play the game the right way

· Instill the idea of “team” and “teamwork”

· Be positive role models for our athletes

· Establish a passion for the process of development that will result in success

Expectations of Players

· Show up with a passion to play and improve.

· Work hard and always hustle.

· Listen and ask questions.

· Good Sportsmanship: play with class and respect.

· Effort: always something you control - no excuse for not giving your best.

· Positive Attitude: baseball and softball are tough games - get used to it. It is the nature of sport that we sometimes fail.

· Mental Toughness: learning how to handle the disappointment and challenges that come with the game.

· Practicing Safety: no swinging bats when not in a designated area and having an awareness of those players nearby.